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Name: Enrique Del Barco

Position(s): Pegasus Professor of Physics

Why are you interested in this research?
Understanding how the microscopic world functions is almost bucolic, as the laws governing this world (quantum mechanics) are absolutely unimaginable from our classical world perspective but explain the most fundamental phenomena with unnumerable repercussions in our day-to-day lives.

Who inspires you to conduct your research?
My students. I reflect myself in my students, from high school to the Ph.D. level. They remind me of my youngest self, when I looked at the world with amusement and was looking to understand how everything works. I see this in my students鈥 faces when they are in the lab trying to unveil the next secret of the microscopic world.

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How does UCF empower you to do your research?
果冻传媒 has offered me the opportunity to build an extremely competitive research laboratory and has continuously supported me during the years in basically every single need I have had while putting me in contact with an amazing population of brilliant students.

What major grants and honors have you earned to support your research?
I have received numerous grants from multiple external sponsors, including the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Defense, that amount to over $12 million. This funding has been essential to support the research activities conducted in my group. As the main recognition that I have received from my colleague scientists was becoming fellow of the American Physical Society in 2017 for my accomplishments in nanoscale magnetism research.

Why is this research important?
Our research in nanoscale spintronics has strong potential to represent a breakthrough in technology. To provide an example, spintronics-based circuitry may end consuming one thousand times less energy than the most advanced electronic technology. Only this would represent a revolution, as currently energy consumption by electronic circuits (including computers) represents one of the most important expenses of energy in the world, contributing significantly to our climate change. Decreasing this by a thousand would be amazing!

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